PLEASE NOTE – our regular meetings are scheduled for second Saturdays at 1 p.m. All MVBC meetings are open to the public (prospective new members). Invite friends and relatives and share with them our love for bonsai. 


January 13   To be determined.


January 14   Winter silhouette show and discussion; working session.

February 11  Pests: insect and fungal problems - how to recognize and control; presentation by Art Doremus.

March 11  Juniper workshop; club trees, working with Doug Whitfield and Carl Hoffner.

April 8  Repotting session.

May 13  Shohin roundup: Bring in our best hopes for the shohin project. Group discussion on trees, pots, display possibilities. 

June 10  Wiring trees 101: Always needed for the new members and everyone else. Also discuss preparation for club exhibition.

MVBC exhibition at MWPAI —  Sat. & Sun., July 1 & 2 

July 8  Summer gathering and working session; auction for club fundraising.

Aug 12  Juniper workshop; club trees, working with Doug Whitfield and Carl Hoffner.

Sept 9  Bring your trees; working session.

Oct 14  Bring your trees; working session, with emphasis on Chinese Elms guided by Carl Hoffner.

Nov 11 Bring your trees; working session.

Dec 9  Holiday gathering; auction for club fundraising.



2016: Past meetings

January 9: We'll plan our schedule for 2016. Please bring trees for questions and discussion.


March 12 – workshop on Clump Style Bonsai using seedlings from William Valavanis. We have chosen European Beech. A good quantity has been ordered so that participants can choose to use 3, 5, 7, 9 (or 11) in their project. These seedlings cost $4 each but the club will pay $2 and the members the other half of the cost. More specific info on soil requirements and recommended container size and style will be provided in the March newsletter. Club wire and mesh for the drainage holes will be provided. Any seedlings left over will be available for purchase ($2 each). They might be nice to have for replacement for any that might die off in your clump bonsai.

April 9 – Root pruning and re-potting workshop. Club soil, wire and mesh provided.

May 14 – Demonstration on air-layering. See April newsletter.

June 11 – All day shohin bonsai demo and workshop with Mark Arpag from Rochester and the Bonsai Society of Upstate New York. A morning demonstration on creating shohin with an afternoon workshop with trees for sale by Mark or you can bring your own appropriate trees for Mark to assist you with. Shohin are those no more than 10 inches in height. Carl Hoffner has proposed that all club members create one or more shohin over the next few years in order that the whole group can soon participate in an exhibition in future shows. We hope that Mark will also have some time to talk to us about shohin display. Much more detailed information on the special program (costs and participation limitations) will soon follow.

July 2-3 – our club show at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute. More info will follow.

July 9 – annual club picnic and auction – AND work on trees.

August 13 – Cancelled; will try to reschedule, possibly in November. Bill Jones will lead a workshop on windswept style bonsai using Shimpaku juniper. Bill will provide the trees at a cost of $20 each. Watch for more info.

September 10 & 11 – Field-trip to the U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition in Rochester. We are planning to get our group to attend together in order to get a ‘tour guide’ who will provide a private critique on the main display. Admission is $15. There is a vast vendor area and plenty to see and inspire. The exhibit is open on Sunday as well. Mark Arpag has offered our club his critique services if we can provide specific times when he is available. He is a very busy worker at this event. More info will follow.

October 8 trip to D'Alessandro's Nursery for pre-bonsai and presentation by Doug Whitfield

November 12 Bill Jones will lead a workshop on windswept style bonsai using Shimpaku juniper. Bill will provide the trees at a cost of $20 each. 

December 10 – annual holiday gathering and auction. Please bring some type of finger food, savory or dessert, to share. Also bring a bonsai- or gardening-related item for the auction. Everyone is encouraged to bring a tree to work on as well. 



2015: Past meetings

January 11: Planning meeting

February: NO MEETING

March 14: Bill Jones will teach us how to make fertilizer balls. Bill suggests that our members each bring an aluminum roasting pan, turkey size, and latex gloves. He will supply all other ingredients and will be reimbursed by the club. Participants may take home a portion of the fertilizer that we make.

And if you happen to have any moss to share, Bill would like some different kinds of moss. Also, come prepared to discuss and ask questions about any of your trees that will need repotting this spring.

April 11: Pruning, wiring and preparation for repotting meeting. Bring trees and tools!

May 3, SUNDAY: David Paris will give a presentation and workshop: Shohin with Winter Hardy Dwarf Azalea

June 13: work on trees, especially for our exhibition at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute and otherwise plan for exhibition.

MWPAI Exhibition: Saturday & Sunday, July 4 & 5, 10 a.m to 4 p.m. Demonstration by David Paris on Sunday at 2 p.m. Members should plan to attend and volunteer to help with the exhibition — set up, some time at the exhibition to welcome and speak with visitors, and taking down the exhibtion. 

July 11, Saturday, 1 p.m. — Annual picnic

August 9: SUNDAY, to PFM Bonsai for special workshop for MVBC members

Saturday September 12, 1 p.m. at the church, 10 Higby Road – a general ‘work-on-trees’ session. Bring your trees that might need new wiring, unwiring, or just general maintenance. There will be a show-and-tell table for discussion of your trees, perhaps newly acquired or worked on at a recent workshop.

Saturday October 10, 1 p.m. also at the church. Cathy Brown will talk about her bonsai studies in Japan (with a projector and photos).

November 14Saturday, 1 p.m. - we will work on wiring our trees

December 12Saturday, 1 p.m. — Annual holiday gathering