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Roots, Shoots & Tips

Please join us Saturday, April 8, 1-3 p.m. for a repotting session

It’s again the time of the year for root pruning and repotting our deciduous trees whose buds should be beginning to swell or break. Hardy conifers are not yet ready for repotting and should be left in the cold. Tropical trees should be repotted in mid- to late-summer when nighttime temperatures are highest.

This is a great session for new members to learn how to properly repot a tree. In most cases the tree will simply be lifted from the current pot, roots combed out and trimmed, old soil removed and replaced with fresh soil, and then placed back in the same pot.

The club will provide bonsai soil, wire and mesh. The “club soil,” purchased from Bill Jones last year may be used to repot one tree. You may purchase additional soil from Nancy to take home for repotting other trees. There will also be new and used bonsai pots to purchase. Please bring any pots that you would like to sell or swap.

What you’ll need: Members may bring one tree for repotting. Also please bring a plastic dishpan or other container that is large enough to work in and hold your tree and old soil. Bring your wire cutters, scissors, root hook and chopsticks for trimming and combing the roots, and a spray bottle to keep them moist during the process.


Last Month

Thank you to Doug & Carl who led us in a great interactive workshop on junipers. It was a treat to see the steps they took to bring their artistic visions to life. Together we made impressive progress towards what will be two beautiful trees. Check out the photos if you haven't seen them yet >>


Welcome New Member

Sharon Parcell, from Lyons Falls, joined MVBC at the March meeting after receiving a Chinese elm bonsai as a gift and locating our club website.


Treasurer's Report

March 2017 income: $60 (Membership dues)

Expenses: None

Current club balance: $1181.73

Unpaid membership dues will be collected at the February meeting. Or you may pay by check to Mohawk Valley Bonsai Club and mail it to our treasurer.

Tom Martin

1047 Wall Street,

Ilion, NY 13357



Other Meetings & Events...

April 7-9 2017 – MidAtlantic Bonsai Societies

Annual Spring Festival >>


May 25-29 2017 – ABS / BSF Convention

Moving American Bonsai Forward – ABS 50th Anniversary >>


 Our upcoming meetings

May 13 Shohin roundup: Bring in our best hopes for the shohin project. Group discussion on trees, pots, display possibilities.

June 10 Wiring trees 101: Always needed for the new members and everyone else. Also discuss preparation for club exhibition.

You can check out our full schedule  >>