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Roots, Shoots & Tips

SPRING! (finally)


We welcome Zachary Thomas Hunt, born to Deverie and David Hunt in March. CONGRATULATIONS!

In addition to Zachary, we were joined by Alyssa Acomb, David Amidon, and Michael Brown, all from Rome, NY and Michael Tartaglia III, from Waterville.

Alyssa came to us by way of a friend of a friend of member George Carpenter, and the others had all visited MVBC either at previous meetings or during our exhibitions at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute. We’re so glad to have all of you as members.


The April meeting in our special ‘Year of the Larch’ featured past-president David Alexander who provided a riveting demonstration and talk about using collected larch. His ‘subject’ was provided by Alan Adair who was also in attendance. Alan brought and displayed about 20 pre-bonsai larches, harvested recently in the Finger Lakes region. One was selected and purchased by MVBC for Dave’s demonstration.

David took us through all the stages of initial styling, from full discussion of the tree’s features, good and not-so-good attributes, thinning and pruning back, why certain parts would be removed or allowed to grow out, best angles for viewing, his preference for copper wire, how to determine the correct gage wire for the trunk or branches, how to wire each branch (often wiring two branches at once), and finally the bending and placement of all the branches.

David kept the audience attentive with his unique and often humorous presentation, fielding many questions along the way. He and Alan both demonstrated a deep knowledge of the subject matter and they obviously hold larch in high esteem. It was so apparent that they love these deciduous conifers (David refers to larches as “the platypus of trees”) which will soon show off their soft little tufts of bright green needles.

At the conclusion of David’s demonstration, the demo tree was raffled; the lucky winner was Nancy Knapp who has proudly added it to her collection.

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If that wasn’t enough, we had a special visitor at this meeting, a reporter from WKTV. The coverage of this meeting included video of Alan’s demonstration and an interview with club president Art Doremus. The article was published on that evening’s 6 and 10 p.m. news reports.

Many thanks to everyone who had a part in this special Sunday edition of MVBC, including special guest Linda Stewart (West Winfield), a long-time friend of Rick and Wendy Short.


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TREASURER’S REPORT: as of 27 April 2018

Starting Balance: $1,687.87



Ending Balance: $1,468.87