Newsletters · August 2017

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Roots, Shoots & Tips

Our monthly meeting is Saturday, August 12, from 1 to 3 p.m. at the church, 10 Higby Rd, Utica.

Doug Whitfield & Carl Hoffner are back with the second installment of their Juniper Workshop!

Back in March Doug and Carl led us in a great workshop using these two Junipers that were purchased by the club last fall at D’Alessandro’s Landscape Nursery. We were able see and help with the initial steps they took to bring their artistic visions to life. Carl and Doug will continue to develop the Club's two Junipers, using the "all-hands-on-deck" interactive work approach that we used last time. Everyone is encouraged to go back and forth to work on both trees if they wish. We will prune, wire, bend branches and repot both trees concurrently for an hour or more.

Be prepared to go home with a special deal! The two trees will be raffled — tickets can be purchased for $5 each — so please bring cash! First draw gets choice of the two trees. Second draw gets the other tree. 

Following the raffle, we will have an interactive discussion of the schedule for future seasonal work and care for these trees.


Last Month

Our club exhibition & picnic/auction:

Thank you to our volunteers who, despite the weather, helped to create a great exhibition! It was wonderful to see our amazing show pieces displayed at their best! Guests also loved getting a closer look at how much work goes into our trees through Carl’s presentation and our “in-progress” display. Seeing a glimpse of where our masterpieces started seemed to inspire a few people to think about trying to start their own projects. If you haven’t checked the photo’s out yet, you can see them on the Photos page and Facebook. Also thank you to everyone who helped to make our picnic & Auction a great success! We raised $243!


Bonsai Study Group:

We are having great turnout for our study groups! This past weekend we did “Speed Bonsai” and with the help of the whole group managed to select, repot, style and wire a beautiful Birds-nest spruce right from the nursery stock. D'Alessandro's Nurseryalso now has a wide assortment of bonsai pots, soil and other supplies for sale, so we had everything we need right on hand. Our demo tree was raffled off to the participants and Michael Trevisani was the lucky winner! Photos of the demo are up on our Facebook page.

We had previously discussed August 20 as the date of our next study group. This has been rescheduled.

Our next study group will meet Sunday September 24, 1-3 p.m. at D'Alessandro's Nursery. This is located at 1346 Higby Road, up the long beautiful hill just east of Albany Street, and about 10 minutes from our club meeting site. This will be a “bring-your-own-tree” workshop! It’s a great opportunity to get some personal help with styling and preparation for winter storage and to check out all of new items D'Alessandro's has to offer.

Please confirm your plans to attend by emailing Tom or Deverie, or call 315/204-4016. There is no cost; just bring your tree and your tools to work with. The nursery also plans to promote this event.



Member News

Club member Doug Whitfield recently lost his wife. A special Celebration of Life was held in Vernon Center. Franca Dowd-Whitfield, like Doug, was an artist. Many of her works were on display throughout the venue in addition to dozens of meaningful photos and a large video display of still shots —youthful events, their wedding, children growing, trips taken, life's aging processes, and dances danced. The service was beautifully presented and was a wonderful tribute to a great, and beautiful, lady.


Treasurer's Report

Income: $243 (Club Auction & Donations)

Expenses: $120 (Church rental July-Dec 2017)

Current club balance: $1341.87



Reminder - Please return all borrowed club library books and magazines and sign out new ones to enjoy!


Our upcoming meetings 

Sept 9 Bring your trees; open working session.

October 14 Bring your trees; working session, with emphasis on Chinese Elms guided by Carl Hoffner.



Other Meetings & Events

BCCNY August Meeting: Wednesday, August 30, 7-9 p.m. This meeting will be used to prepare for their club show. The BCCNY show will be September 9 & 10 at the Liverpool Library.