Newsletters · December 2016

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Roots, Shoots & Tips


WELCOME NEW MEMBER – Richard Dodge of Utica. Richard visited us during the October club event at D’Alessandro’s Nursery and then joined at our November workshop. He was inspired to seek us out after seeing all the beautiful trees in the bonsai exhibit at the Montreal Botanic Garden.

TREASURER’S REPORT – There were no new expenses in November. New income was $25 from new membership dues. Club account balance is $1086.28.

OUR NEXT MEETING is Saturday December 10, 1-3 p.m. at the church. This is our annual holiday gathering and auction, plus a vote and installation of club officers for the New Year. Again this year we will forgo the full luncheon and go instead with ‘finger food’ — savory or sweet — please bring your favorite to share. Also please bring a donation of a bonsai- or gardening-related item.

We also ask members to bring in one of the bonsai projects that we started this year or last for further instructions, or you may work them some more. These might include your blended trees, clump-style trees, or the shohin that Mark Arpag brought to us for his program. Any of these might be ready for pruning and/or wiring. No re-potting will be done until spring.

OUR NOVEMBER MEETING included a program by member Bill Jones from Saratoga Springs. Bill led a workshop on the windswept style using a number of itoigawa and kishu junipers, not shimpaku as mentioned in previous announcements. There were 14 participants and a few extra teacher/helpers who assisted Bill with instruction. For a few of our newer members this was actually their first hands-on workshop experience. Bill did a fine job and we congratulate and thank him!

WE ALSO WANT TO THANK Bill and his wife Alyson for regularly making the trip to Utica AND also the same for Carl Hoffner, and Allan and Rita Kantor, who are commuting from the Syracuse area. MVBC is so fortunate to have so many wonderful and committed members. If any of these folks know of others in their respective areas that would be interested in sharing the ride for future meeting/programs here we would certainly encourage doing so. Visitors and prospective new club members are always welcome to attend.

NOMINATIONS FOR CLUB OFFICERS FOR 2017 were open at our November meeting. Most current positions were kept the same. The office of club secretary was made available and the current holder Tom Martin nominated Deverie Hunt. She accepted the nomination and all offices will be voted upon December 12. New committee assignments will also be named at that time.

WE WELCOME SUGGESTIONS FOR FUTURE PROGRAMS and will forward them to the Event Planning Committee to begin filling in the new calendar. Carl Hoffner has already suggested that we consider a ‘Winter Silhouette’ theme for January, reflecting the special show held in North Carolina. We could bring in deciduous trees to show off their structure without the foliage which normally hides these details. Then we can properly prune to encourage ramification – a great way to start off the New Year!

Be sure to check out all the new photos from our November program that Cathy Brown has posted to our site >>

CLUB DUES FOR 2017 may be paid at the December or January meetings. They are held at $25 for individual or $35 for family. If you joined during the 4th quarter of this year (and paid the full amount) you are already paid up through all of 2017.