Newsletters · February 2017

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Roots, Shoots & Tips


There will be a meeting this month!

The past 2 years we have not had a February meeting due to weather and low attendance. Hopefully things will work out in our favor this year!

Please join us, Saturday, February 11, 1-3 p.m. at the church, 10 Higby Road, Utica.

The theme is ‘Pests’; Art Doremus will give a presentation on how to recognize and control insect and fungal problems. Unfortunately, this is something we all have a good chance of needing help with from time to time. If you have specific questions about an issue you are currently having, bring a picture of your tree. Also, if able, you can bring in a cutting sealed in a Ziploc bag for examination. 

Last Month

During the January meeting we had a diverse display of our ‘Winter Silhouettes.’ Those bare beauties really demonstrated how our hard work can be appreciated year round! The discussions during the meeting were most informative. We have a wonderful group of people here, with so much knowledge. Thank you for all the great tips! We all came away with some great inspiration on improving styling so that we can have a winter show in the future.

Treasurer's Report

January 2017 income: $25 (Club membership dues),

Expenses: $25 (mailing supplies/newsletter)

Current club balance: $1191.73.

Unpaid membership dues will be collected at the February meeting. Or you may pay by check to Mohawk Valley Bonsai Club and mail it to our treasurer.

Tom Martin

1047 Wall Street,

Ilion, NY 13357

You can check out our full schedule for the year at Schedule in the main menu.

Other Local Meetings….

Bonsai Club of Central New York:

Next meeting will be Wednesday, March 9, 7:30 p.m., at Pitcher Hill Community Church, 605 Bailey Road, North Syracuse.

They will be having a ‘bring your own tree workshop,’  critiquing trees, giving advice, etc. Tools and wire will be available. They will also have an introduction to bonsai slide presentation.