Newsletters · January 2017

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Roots, Shoots & Tips



With 2016 in the rear-view mirror we are excited to see many new opportunities for advancement in ’17. But first let’s wrap up a few loose ends before we move on. In December MVBC held our traditional election of officers and committee assignments. They are as follows:

President – Art Doremus

Vice President – Cathy Brown

Secretary – Deverie Hunt

Treasurer – Tom Martin

Librarian – Nancy Knapp

Additionally: Cathy Brown and Ron Murawski will continue as administrators of  our club site, Deverie Hunt will take over as newsletter editor and assist Tom Martin with our Facebook page, and Doug Whitfield and Carl Hoffner are on board as our program and event planning committee. Last, but not least, Diane Stebbins remains as the club liaison with our host church.

We gratefully thank all of our wonderful volunteer staff and wish everyone well in these endeavors. We really do appreciate all the time, effort, and commitment that go into running this group of bonsai hobbyists.



MVBC made a donation of $100 to our host, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Utica and paid our rental fees through June. We also agreed to maintain our memberships/subscriptions in the American Bonsai Society (ABS), Bonsai Clubs International (BCI), and International Bonsai (Wm. Valavanis/Rochester, NY). Subscriptions will be paid as renewals come due.





Income from auction $102.50, membership dues paid $280,

Expenses: Supplies (plates, cups and utensils) $12.05, host donation $100, rental (Jan – June 2017) $120

ABS renewal: $45

Current (end of year) club balance: $1191.73.



It should be noted that several years ago our club honored its first president, the late Jean Franchini, with an engraved memorial stone and placed it in the garden at our then meeting site the Parkway Community Center. This past fall we relocated the stone to our current venue and the good folks of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Utica have placed it between 2 newly planted Redbud trees along the back edge of the wooded yard. We appreciate this very much and look forward watching this spot as it further honors Jean.



Our next meeting is Saturday January 14, 1-3 p.m. at the church, 10 Higby Road, Utica.

The theme is ‘Winter Silhouette.’ There will be a small area set up to display our deciduous trees in their bare-naked seasonal glory. But this will also be a working meeting (bring your tools) as now we can see the structure of all branches without the cover that the foliage provides. This is a great time to trim and wire with the goals of improved styling and preparation for future ramification. Let’s take our leafless trees to the next level. (Depending on the tree species, there are some limitations to wiring and bending.)

It has been suggested that we consider an informal Winter Silhouette Show sometime in the future and that this January meeting might provide the first step in planning for that event.



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