Newsletters · March 2017

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Roots, Shoots & Tips

Please join us, Saturday, March 11, 1-3 p.m. at the church, 10 Higby Road, Utica for a Juniper Workshop (1 of 2) with Doug Whitfield & Carl Hoffner. 

Doug and Carl will be working on the trees that were purchased by the club last fall at D’Alessandro’s Landscape Nursery. Unlike most deciduous trees, junipers — which are coniferous — can be manipulated in many interesting ways. Doug and Carl will discuss and try out many methods that can make a juniper into an interesting creation.

Some topics to be covered...

1. Why did we pick this tree at the nursery? What to look for.

2. How to determine the front of the tree. The elements needed to start a good bonsai design. 

3. The unique design possibilities of a juniper.

4. Some interesting manipulation methods that can be used on a juniper. 

Members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of this workshop and assist with creation! 

*The follow-up Juniper Workshop (2 of 2) will be will be Aug 12. Doug and Carl will be refining the trees’ shapes and discussing future care. More information will be in a future newsletter.



Last Month

Thank you to Art Doremus, who gave a very thorough presentation on keeping our trees healthy. Below are the links to the information he reviewed.  Please notice that Art added an additional link for soil aphids. Also we will be making a paper copy available in our library for future reference.  includes home remedy recipe  excellent descriptions *about root aphids

Oil sprays:

Insecticidal soap:

Pine needle cast:

Plant nutrient deficiency:



Treasurers' Report

February 2017 income: $25 (Membership dues)

Expenses: $50 (Donation to National Bonsai Foundation)

Current club balance: $1166.73.

Unpaid membership dues will be collected at the February meeting. Or you may pay by check to Mohawk Valley Bonsai Club and mail it to our treasurer.

Tom Martin

1047 Wall Street,

Ilion, NY 13357


Check out our full schedule for the year.


Other Meetings & Events

March 87 to 9 p.m. - Bonsai Club of Central New York at the Pitcher Hill Community Church, 605 Bailey Road, North Syracuse, New York.

The Meeting will be a Repotting Workshop with advice and demonstration from club experts. Please bring in a tree to repot, your repotting tools, some wire to secure the tree, your own bonsai soil, and a container or tub to work in. If you have nothing to repot then just watch, ask questions, and learn.  


March 18-19 - Atlanta Bonsai Society

ABS Annual Show at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens


April 7-9 – MidAtlantic Bonsai Society Annual Spring Festival


May 25-29ABS / BSF Convention

Moving American Bonsai Forward – ABS 50th Anniversary