Newsletters · November 2017

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Roots, Shoots & Tips

Our monthly meeting is Saturday, November 11, from 1 to 3 p.m. at the church, 10 Higby Rd, Utica.

The program: Bring-Your-Own-Tree Workshop

We have been fortunate this year to have lots of time for working on our own trees. This is especially beneficial for members to get advice. We have a diverse group of people who have great ideas, so take advantage of them! Club wire is provided for those who need it.


Also at our November meeting we will be placing names in nomination for all office positions for the new year:


Vice-president (1 or 2)




Nominees should commit to attending meetings as often as possible. Voting occurs at the December meeting.


Last Month

Carl Hoffner led an intriguing presentation on planning and developing an elm bonsai. From a seedling to maturity, he covered many styles and techniques that brought light to a lot of possibilities for our own trees. Thank you for the inspiration! Check out the photos >>


Welcome New Member

William Gerdey from Little Falls visited us at our September Study Group at D’Alessandro’s Nursey and joined MVBC at our October 14th meeting.


Treasurer's Report

Income: $25 New member dues

Expenses: $0

Account balance $1461.87


Our upcoming meetings 

December 9 Holiday gathering & auction for club fundraising


Other Meetings & Events

Bonsai Club of CNY Meeting - Wednesday, November 8, 7 - 9 pm at the Pitcher Hill Community Church, 605 Bailey Rd, North Syracuse. Slide presentation, group discussion, and critique of bonsai trees picked from the internet by our members. Email your photo of the bonsai you select to


Reminder - Please return all borrowed club library books and magazines and sign out new ones to enjoy!