Newsletters · October 2018

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Roots, Shoots & Tips

Please join us Saturday, October 13 from 1 to 3 p.m.
at D'Alessandro's Nursery, 1346 Higby Road.

The nursery is located up the long, beautiful hill just east of Albany Street (about 10 minutes from our club meeting site).

Bring Your Own Tree!

We love these meetings! Beautiful surroundings, warm friendly people and personalized advice for your bonsai. D'Alessandro's is full of fall colors right now! It’s a great time of the year for browsing the nursery for something new or you can take this opportunity to work on your current project. We would like to have an emphasis on shohin trees and display, but you may bring any tree you like. Club wire is provided. Don't forget your tools. 

National Bonsai Exhibition

If you were lucky enough to attend the National Bonsai Exhibition in Rochester last month, we hope you will  share your stories and show us your souvenirs. Speaking of which, here's note we received from one of our member attendees:

The National was amazing!!

I was happy to see many of our members there — although not surprised — they have been talking about it for as long as I can remember. I  must say the show lived up to their expectations. They all seemed to be very pleased to be attending. Can't wait to hear the feed-back at the next meeting.

I was lucky enough to accompany Doug Witfield, who was very kind and patient explaining the many varieties and techniques of bonsai to me. Thank you Doug, I learned a lot. 

Toward the end of our visit we examined a bonsai that was selling for $14,850. The vendor was trying to convince me that I needed to have the rare and special bonsai. After much consideration I settled for  a beautiful Barbados Cherry Tree for seventeen bucks. I'll bring it to the next meeting.


Member News

We are happy to welcome our newest member, Paul Wentz, who joined during our Bonsai 101 meeting.

Treasurer's Report

Income/Expenses: No change

Current club balance: $1,452.53


Reminder - Please return all borrowed club library books and magazines and sign out new ones to enjoy!


Other Bonsai Events

Bonsai Club of Central New York: Wednesday, October 10, 7- 9 p.m., Pitcher Hill Community Church, 605 Bailey Rd., North Syracuse. Bonsai 101: This is meant to introduce basic bonsai practices that will help a beginner keep their tree alive and healthy.

Mohawk Hudson Bonsai Society: Sunday, October 14 at noon, PFM Bonsai, 7 Western Ave., West Charlton. Bring a shared lunch and enjoy a great demonstration by Tyler Sherrod. Tyler had an apprenticeship with Sinji Suzuki in Obuse, Japan for five years and received his professional certification from the Nippon Bonsai Association. He also has been responsible for refining and preparing trees to be entered in Japan's top bonsai competitions which includethe Kokufu-ten, Taikan-ten and Sakafu-Ten, where several of the trees won top
prizes. Please RSVP to Pauline Muth 518-882-1039 or