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2014 no. 2 Carving Techniques, Baobob Bonsai, John Naka's Trees

2014 no. 1 Regional care (2), Autumn Pruning, Choosing Bonsai Material

2013 no. 4 Winter care, branch anatomy, Shimpaku styling

2013 no. 3 Designer Figs, Ficus salicaria , Maclura pomifera, procumbens

2013 no. 2 "Bonsai Pots" by Boon, Slippery or Red Elm culture, Wiring, Root Development

2013 no. 1 "Bonsai Competition" by Ryan Neal, Ficus, Mugo Pine, Black Hills Spruce

2012 no. 4 Ryan Neal's studio, pot glazes, Serissa landscape

2012 no. 2 "Pots Made of Clay", Wound Healing, Prunus cerasifera

2011 no.4 Rocky Mountain Juniper, flowering Quince, Banyan

2011 no. 2 Grafting, Chinese juniper care, Flowering Apricot care

2011 no. 1 Ficus, Forsythia, Cypress

2010 no.1 Elms, Mame, Schefflera, Olive, Ficus benjamina clump

2010 no. 2 Collected tree care, Bunjin, Japanese maple

2010 no. 3 Yamadori (collected) Larch, Deodara Cedar, Shimpaku Juniper

2009 no.2 Juniper care, Chinese Elm, "Finding the Tree Within"

2008 no. 1 Bonsai pests, photographing, literati style, Black Hills Spruce

2008 no 2 Sunlight, Floss Silk tree, Photoshop, Juniperus prostrate

2008 no.3 Maples, Styling, wire removal

2006 no. 1 Spring Chores, Chopsticks, Detailing your Pine

2005 no. 2 Fertilization, Crabapples, Japanese White Pine, forest plantings