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56    Styling 2 Junipers, Prunus mume (apricot), Exposed root 5-needle Pine

50    Styling a Spruce, Magnolias, Working on Roots, Pruning Deciduous Trees

49    Beech (part 2), Honeysuckle, reshaping a Juniper

47    Azaleas, Persimmon, Trident Maple, Japanese Maple,  Superfeeding

45    Grafting (thread, root and layering), Camellia, Flowering Bonsai

43    Restyling an old Juniper, Black Pine care, Maintenance pruning

37    Training Field-grown Trident, Black Pine & Elaeagnus, Rock Planting

36     Finding the front, Pinching guide, Prunus care and training

35    Black Pine Care, Pinching Pines, Root Rot, Fall Care

34    Shimpaku Restyling, Accent Plants, Deadwood, Repotting a Spruce

33    Layering: Maple, Beech, Pine & Cherry, Bald Cypress styling

31    Restyling a 5-needle Pine, A Classic Shimpaku, Cryptomeria (Cyprus) care

30    Styling an Old Spruce, Refining Deadwood, Companion Plants, Nebari

29    Care: Cyprus, Yezo Spruce & J. rigida, Collecting Scots Pine

28    Care: J. chinensis &Red Pine, Beech on a Rock

27    A Cascade Challenge, Refining Deadwood

26    Formal Upright Style: single & Group Planting, Broom Style

25    Bunjin (literati): 6 articles, Boxwood

23    Field Growing: Trident & Quince, Styling a Garden Juniper

20    Air Layering: 5 articles, Pines from Seed

19    Finding Bonsai Material, Care & Training of Satsuki Azaleas, Defoliation